Amazing Siri Feature still working in iOS 9.3

Over the years, Apple has quietly prevented some features that Siri allowed without the need to enter the passcode, such “Siri read Notes aloud, and allows add text to any note”, like showed in this video:

Or as with this other feature that Siri shows recent calls and contacts:

Even as in this video in which Siri shows 25 contacts and allows call them although voicedial deactivated:

Apple even has opened CVE’s for some Siri security issues, like the CVE-2015-5892: A person with physical access to an iOS device may be able to use Siri to read notifications of content that is set not to be displayed at the lock screen.
Apple still has not stopped one amazing Siri “feature”. Today in iOS 9.3 , from the lock screen Siri shows all reminders and events in calendar, and allows add, modify and delete, without asking for passcode:


2 thoughts on “Amazing Siri Feature still working in iOS 9.3

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